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Health Program Planning and Evaluation : A Practical, Systematic Approach for Community Health, 4th Edition

L. Michele Issel, Rebecca Wells 編著

ISBN 978-1-284-11211-5

2018 | 四版 | J&B出版 | 平裝 | 428頁

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L. Michele Issel, PhD, RN 
Professor, University of North Carolina College of Health and Human Services Department of Public Health, Charlotte, North Carolina
Michele is a Professor in the Department of Public Health at UNC Charlotte’s College of Health and Human Services. She received her doctorate, with a minor in health services research from the School of Nursing at the University of Washington in Seattle. She brings to the graduate course on program planning and evaluation both practical experiences as an evaluation consultant, program evaluator and a director of public health nursing, as well as academic experiences as an evaluation researcher.

Rebecca Wells, PhD, MSHA 
Professor, The University of Texas School of Public Health Department of Management, Policy, and Community Health, Houston, Texas
Rebecca earned her masters degree in health services administration and doctorate in health care organization and policy from the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan. She focuses on how safety net hospitals, community centers and community mental health centers, health departments, child welfare, and substance abuse treatment providers serve people with complex needs.




Health Program Planning and Evaluation, Fourth Edition carefully walks the reader through the process for developing, implementing, and evaluating successful community health promotion programs. Featuring reader-friendly, accessible language and practical tools and concepts, this outstanding resource prepares students and professionals to become savvy consumers of evaluation reports and prudent users of evaluation consultants. The Fourth Edition reflects the major changes in the field of community health with updated examples and references throughout.

Front Matter  Table of Contents, List of Figures, List of Tables, List of Exhibits, Preface, Acknowledgments, List of Acronyms

Section  I  The Context of Health Program Development and Evaluation

Chapter  1  Context of Health Program Development and Evaluation

Chapter  2  Relevance of Diversity and Disparities to Health Programs

Section  II  Defining the Health Problem

Chapter  3  Community Health Assessment for Program Planning

Chapter  4  Characterizing and Defining the Health Problem

Section  III  Health Program Development and Planning

Chapter  5  Program Theory and Interventions Revealed

Chapter  6  Program Objectives and Setting Targets

Chapter  7  Process Theory for Program Implementation

Section  IV  Implementing and Monitoring the Health Program

Chapter  8  Monitoring Implementation Through Budgets and Information Systems

Chapter  9  Implementation Evaluation: Measuring Inputs and Outputs

Chapter  10  Program Quality and Fidelity: Managerial and Contextual Considerations

Section  V  Outcome and Impact Evaluation of Health Programs

Chapter  11  Planning the Intervention Effect Evaluations

Chapter  12  Choosing Designs for Effect Evaluations

Chapter  13  Sampling Designs and Data Sources for Effect Evaluations

Chapter  14  Quantitative Data Analysis and Interpretation

Chapter  15  Qualitative Methods for Planning and Evaluation

Section  VI  Additional Considerations for Evaluators

Chapter  16  Program Evaluators’ Responsibilities


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